Offer career pathways in law, public safety, corrections, and security

LAPSEN, NECI 9-1-1, IFPO, and YouScience have partnered to create a unified secondary and post-secondary curriculum and certification offering in law, public safety, corrections, and security.

Interested? Use this form to request a quote for one of these exams. In the Message section, indicate the certification title and quantity you’d like a quote for.

Your quote will be processed in one to two business days. You can then submit a purchase order (PO), c/o YouScience/ Precision Exams, to or by fax to (866) 585-4930. Your exams will be ready to proctor within one week of receiving your purchase order.

LAPSEN, NECI, and IFPO offer the following exams through YouScience:

LAPSEN Law Enforcement Assessment – Member $18
LAPSEN Law Enforcement Assessment – Non-Member $21
NECI 9-1-1 Basic 9-1-1 Certification $50
IFPO Certified Protection Officer $85

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